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The Porcelain Garden

Deep Woods Missionary Style Lithophane Tabletop or Desktop Lamp

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This stunning four panel table lamp gives a lovely, warm ambiance to any room. The intricate and photorealistic detail of this lamp will blow you away; it truly is one of our most beautiful pieces. Note how the sunbeams are behind the trees in the foreground, and are in front of the trees in the background, giving this design a sense of  distance and 3 dimensional realism that transports you to the depth of the forest.  The remaining two panels on the back repeat the same pattern for continuity. Because it is a lithophane, the texture of the carving is beautiful even when the lamp is off.
Shipped complete with a warm white 13w LED bulb. This bulb gives the lamp the same warm hue that an incandescent bulb, but using 1/5 the power. The bulb can be replaced with a standard base LED, Compact Fluorescent, or incandescent bulb.


Approx. 19" tall.
Lamp shade is 10" x 10" x 6". Rotating "on-off" knob is located on the bulb socket. 
base is 5.5" x5.5"
UL listed.