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Gear Sphere, 3D Printed Gear Ball Steampunk Fidget for Stress Relaxing and ADHD

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GearSphere a great Wonder Fidget Gear Ball, for Stress Relief and for Steampunk Gear Puzzle and for ADHD.

  • Gear Sphere for Everyone: This 3d printed gear ball is suitable for people of all ages, including adults and children over 6 years old. It can not only help relieve stress and anxiety, but also provide entertainment and relaxation effects

  • 3d Printed Gear Ball: The spin ball is an innovative finger toy designed to provide stress relief and anxiety reduction effects. GearSphere - The Steampunk Whirling Wonder Fidget is made of high-quality 3d printed materials with a smooth surface and durable structure

  • Suitable for Work or Travel: This toy is perfect for use while working, studying or traveling. It is small and lightweight, easy to carry, and can be used anytime, anywhere, helping you stay calm and focused in a tense environment

  • Regulate Tension: The gear ball spin ball has a rotatable gear and sphere structure, which can achieve smooth rotation and turning through the operation of the fingers

  • Fun and Eye-Catching Gear Ball: The gear ball spin ball is not only a useful stress relief tool, but also a fun toy. Its unique design and dynamic spinning motion make it an eye-catching toy


Size 6mm and 8mm