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Planet Mars Globe by MOVA Rotating Globes Ambient Light

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Mars Globe Ambient Light Power by MOVA Globes.

Appreciate the depth and texture of "the Red Planet" in our realistic depiction of Mars.

Mars has an intriguing red color caused by rusty dust on its surface. This Mars globe recreates each crater, along with multiple layers of red, brown, and tan colors that make up its surface. Our mars globe graphics are satellite images taken by NASA spacecraft, giving it a level of realism you won't find with other interpretations.


  • Mars globe uses images from NASA.
  • Rotating globe turns using ambient light.
  • Hidden magnets provide movement.
  • No cords or batteries.

How it Works:

Each globe combines vibrant artwork with our patented technology, creating a flawless rotation without batteries or messy cords. Hidden solar cells use ambient natural or artificial light for power, while the earth’s magnetic field provides the necessary torque. These elements work seamlessly to power a 'whisper-quiet' mechanism, allowing the globe to rotate within its clear outer shell. Each piece is assembled with such precision, it appears the inner and outer layers are one – rotating without any outside power source.