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Monastery Nativity - Glassmasters Stained Glass Window

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Illumination of manuscripts and art was heavily practiced by the monks about 330 A.D at Byzantium by Constantine. The imagery now serves as some of the most important icons to immortalize the era. The icons and images adorned the basilicas of the new faith and were the successors of the antique murals that predates Christ. This art form served to announce the doctrines of Christianity and to glorify its martyrs. The art appeared wherever Byzantine influence extended itself.

The Byzantine art form was limited only by the inks and minerals with which the images were produced. a condition that even today determines the success of a reproduction. Obtaining particular colors is critical in order to reproduce Byzantine art since each color is symbolic of the doctrine being depicted.

The imagination and brilliance of this era captures the heart and soul of collectors as intently today as it did almost 2000 years ago.

Size: 7 X 9" tableau